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Colour. Light. Meditation

Art is a therapeutic activity.


When someone feels like painting, spontaneously grabbing paint and a brush, whether one learnt it or not, the outcome is always about that person, about their inner experience.

Much can be expressed through the creative process, through colour and form. It is possible to find different meanings, discover desires and connect with their spiritual nature.


I am an art therapist, art historian and artist. The aim of my project is to explore the influence of colour on our lives and to involve as many people as possible in the creative process.

7 May - 15 May 2022

How it was...



Art therapy:
Masculine and feminine energy

Painting technique "wet-on-wet"

14 May


Painting class

Painting technique "wet-on-wet"

8, 11 May



Coloured Breathing

12-13 May

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