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About Me

Today I develop myself as an artist. I run art therapy classes after graduating from the Mal und Gestaltungstherapie Institute in Vienna.

I have taken and continue taking private lessons from renowned artists such as Mikhail Romadin or Abby Brown, Serafima Sazhina from Saint Petersburg.

Before moving to Vienna, I graduated from the Art History Institute in Moscow and then owned an art and antique gallery for 15 years.

2023 Releasing Human Potential. Charity art auction for TwoWings / Dorotheum auction house, 1010 Vienna

2022 Celebration is in Details. Group Exhibition / Galerie Frank, 1010 Vienna

2022 Colour. Light. Meditation. Solo Exhibition / Galerie Frank, 1010 Vienna

2020 Fly with Love. Solo Exhibition / KreativRaum Galerie, 1010 Vienna

2016 Searching for something new. Solo Exhibition / Stefanel, 1010 Vienna





Irina Stih

Erdbergstraße 37, 1030 Vienna


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