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Ancient Stone Sculpture

Анонс курса


Вводная лекция курса, который у меня созревает, про подделки и подлинники, как же их собственно отличить? Ну и про цену тоже.

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Customer reviews

Irina, S.

"Thank you for an interesting and special look at the works of genius; for opening the doors to the world of your Schiele so cordially!!! Everyone - his work concerns different countries, but for sure - does not leave anyone indifferent.…"

Antonina K.

"Irochka, thank you very much for the marathon. A lot of information. It was a little difficult for me with terms and connections about souls, etc. Managing with Strength and Fears are brilliant. I do them often, even just in my head without paper! In my situation, they help me to be honest with myself."


"Irina, thank you so much for yesterday's amazing lesson in neurography! It's reallymesmerizing and fascinating!I had a great time, although I am absolutely not a fan of any group activities.I will be happy to take part in the following classes! A wonderful way to switch from work, everyday life and life at high speeds to the wonderful world of self-knowledge"

Kathrin G.

"I love water, I feel like a fish in the water. I love the air, I feel like a bird in the air. And I really love my body for giving me such incredible sensations. I love classes with Irina Stih, they have become one of my important resources, it's hard to put feelings into words. But I can feel my body thanking me for it!"


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Irina Stih

Erdbergstraße 37, 1030 Vienna


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