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Psychology consultations

  • Личная консультация

    Работа с вашим индивидуальным запросом
    • Метод гештальт-терапии
    • Основа Юнгианский психоанализ
    • Темы: отношения, самооценка, кризисные ситуации
    • Продолжительность: 1 час

Customer reviews

"Irochka, thank you very much for the marathon. A lot of information. It was a little difficult for me with terms and connections about souls, etc. Managing with Strength and Fears are brilliant. I do them often, even just in my head without paper! In my situation, they help me to be honest with myself."

"I am very grateful to you for your advice! Sometimes it is very important to hear the view and opinion from the outside. After our conversation, I realized a lot about what I still need to work on, and where to take more initiative. Thank you for the fact that Jump has described in such detail all the stages of personality formation, now I have everything as on the shelves. Indeed, all our limitations are only in the head and it is important to notice it in time"

"Ira, thank you for the consultation. It was interesting to investigate the symptoms, try to figure out how to say "where the dog is buried "The way of self-knowledge, self knowledge, your blocks, fears, clamps, tugs ... is always insanely interesting and fascinating, and even more so when it happens under the strict guidance of a professional trainer - psychologist, psychotherapist, which is Irina. I feel your professionalism, involvement in the process, support and direction during the consultation. Once again, thank you so much for this valuable experience, for your work"

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